Theme Versions

Current Version

Coco - 1.3.2 | 2.20.13

  • Updated the video embed feature to address Tumblr’s recent changes. 

Previous Version

Coco - 1.3.0 | 10.02.2012

  • Instagram - Now you can add your Instagram feed into your sidebar! Check out the setup details at
  • New Social Icons - We added new Social Icons for Instagram, Quora, and Github.
  • Now supports Tumblr’s new video player

Coco 1.2.1 - 05.12.2012

  • Fix for Tumblr video embeds on infinite scrolling pages

Coco  1.2.0 | 05.09.2012

  • Layout - Updated the theme to support a grid layout

Coco - 1.1.0 | 04.12.2012

  • Spotify - Added support for the new Spotify player on audio posts.
  • Pinterest - Added Pinterest’s ‘pin it’ button to sharing features.
  • Share Buttons - Updated the Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus share buttons for better performance
  • HTML5 - Changed method for detecting HTML5 compatibility and support for outdated browsers.
  • Minor updates and fixes

Coco - 1.0.0 | 01.31.2012
The first version of Coco has been submitted to Tumblr.  For an overview of the theme read the introduction post. We have many more updates, tweaks and features planned. If you have an idea, suggestion or question shoot us an email -